Rockhampton Mashup Rides

Social Mashup Bike Rides

Social Mashup Ride ~ Xmas night lights in Rockhampton CBD

Remember how it felt riding your bike as a 10 year old? You and your friends tearing around the streets, parks, and trails on some big adventure?

No one claimed they were roadies or XC or enduro riders. It was just the sheer joy of being on two wheels with your mates, and all the while, you were getting fitter, faster, and more proficient.

Well, that’s pretty much what Mashup Rides are about.

Mashups are a break from traditional road and MTB group rides. With an emphasis on fitness, fun, and adventure, you’ll find yourself on back streets, green trails, gravel roads, and pathways you might not even know existed.

Mashups are designed to improve your speed, confidence, and skills on a variety of surfaces during each ride, and leave you looking forward to the next one. 

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Social Ride 4 Nov 2018 ~ Cawarral-Hedlow-Gawula

Hedlow Loop social ride

Finally, after an epic year of local cycling events, it’s the off-season (sort of), but that’s no reason to put the bikes back in the shed.

To keep life interesting, we’re kicking off a string of social rides through spring and summer, beginning with another ride down Cawarral way.

The last loop we did past Gawula back in July was a 20 km ride, and this time we’re going bigger – a much bigger 60 kms.

CQOC Social Ride map ~ Cawarral-Hedlow-Gawula 4 November 2018
CQOC Social Ride map ~ Cawarral-Hedlow-Gawula 4 November 2018

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