A new website for Central Queensland riders

Hi and welcome to CQ ORC, a new website about off-road cycling in Central Queensland.

Whether you’re into XC mountain biking, enduro, fat bikes, cyclocross, or just bashing around dirt roads and fire trails, this site will have something for you.

CQ Off-Road Cycling (CQ ORC) has several purposes and goals:

  • to help promote mountain biking in Central Queensland;
  • to help expand different forms of off-road cycling;
  • to help introduce newbies to the sport;
  • to serve as a central info hub about trails, clubs, and events;
  • to report on new trails and groups and to give them some media support;
  • to help with cross-promotion of events to riders in other CQ towns;
  • to report on new tech and industry trends;
  • and just generally to have fun with a few shenanigans along the way.

CQ ORC is a new venture and initially at least, a one man show until things get up and running. I aim to keep things light hearted and will add some very funky content in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for dropping by. See you out on the trails!

Andrew Thompson, editor CQ Off-Road Cycling

Andrew Thompson ~ editor, CQ Off-Road Cycling


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